Julius Baer Selects Temenos For Tech Refresh

Julius Baer, the Swiss private banking group, which plans to  to progressively renovate its IT systems, will undertake the project with Temenos. The bank’s  program will begin with core system replacement, using the Temenos T24 platform to be used as the hub for the bank’s operations in Asia. After that, Julius Baer will progressively modernize its systems across the front and back-office.

Julius Baer is the leading Swiss private banking group, with a focus on servicing and advising sophisticated private clients in global wealth management through 50 global locations. After Asia, the bank expects to use Temenos for core banking replacement across multiple additional sites, including Europe, and to develop its next generation multi-channel private wealth solution.

Julius Baer considered Temenos’ technology to be the best fit for its IT strategy. The goal of the modernisation programme is to improve the bank´s clients’ service experience, to increase operational efficiency and to become more agile.

“Regulatory burdens are rising at the same time as customer expectations are changing,” said David Arnott, CEO at Temenos. “Julius Baer has the right strategy: to build a scalable, highly-automated IT platform for back-office operations with decoupled, cutting edge front-office capabilities that enable it to build rich, interactive and personalized experience across customers’ preferred channels” .

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SAP’s Powerful HANA Analytics Link To Esri

SAP is linking its powerful HANA platform to geospatial services from Esri to enable companies to make better decisions about locations for physical assets, like locating gas pipelines away from residential buildings.

“We have built a custom application on SAP HANA that helps us identify high-risk gas pipes in close proximity to residential buildings. In the past, this analysis took three and a half hours using our legacy database,” said Pieter Den Hamer, Big Data BI Strategy Manager, Alliander. “Now with spatial processing in SAP HANA, we can answer the same question in two to three seconds, allowing us to perform ad hoc asset management, reduce potential outages and avoid catastrophic failures. We can literally say we are saving lives with SAP HANA.”

“By working with SAP Consulting we were able to integrate financial, real estate and contract data from SAP applications with GIS data from our Esri ArcGIS system,” said Erik van Os, Project Planning and Control, Land Management, Province of Noord Brabant in the Netherlands. “By geographically-enabling our business data using the GEO.e service from SAP, we have improved the efficiency of our business processes and reduced integration costs.”

With the GEO.e framework delivered by SAP Consulting, spatial data is embedded into business processes, helping to enable users to visualize business data about land parcels, buildings, assets or work orders on maps from within an SAP application. Geo-enabled business applications include the SAP Enterprise Asset Management solution, the SAP Linear Asset Management application, the SAP Real Estate Management application and the SAP Customer Relationship Management application, which help organizations in industries such as utilities, oil and gas, mining, transportation, public sector and agriculture to become more efficient.

The features announced at the Esri conference in San Diego also include real-time mobile solutions which could help emergency response or military users.

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FCM 360 Signs with Equinix in Tokyo

 FCM360’s Low Latency Financial Cloud hosting service is now available to brokers and traders at Equinix TY3 in Tokyo – one of the largest foreign exchange hubs in Asia.

As one of the leading financial systems infrastructure providers in the world, FCM360 (www.fcm360.com) has significantly enhanced its service and value to Asia’s foreign exchange (Forex) trading community with the addition of enhanced cloud hosting to the Tokyo-based TY3 datacenter.

In addition to providing connections to Japan’s two largest financial exchanges –Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) and Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) – TY3 offers Forex traders and brokers colocation facilities at a major peering and Internet exchange point for the Asia-Pacific region. “FCM360 is the first managed services provider in Asia focusing on turnkey products to help FX brokers and liquidity providers. The hosting services help FX traders located in Asia improve executions and access to market pricing by providing low latency connections back to New York and London for liquidity and pricing,” explained Jubin Pejman, managing director of FCM360.

In making the announcement, Pejman said, “Our adding hosting solutions in TY3 opens up the Asian marketplace for all of FCM360’s Forex broker clients and select Electronic Crossing Networks (ECNs), as well as bridge providers wishing to install services and software near the world’s fastest-growing Forex market.”

To further support its growing Asia-Pacific client base, FCM360 also added Mandarin Chinese and Japanese language support at its 24/7 Network Operations Center located in the United States.

The TY3 data center location provides access to the same products, hardware services and dedicated technical support available to FCM360 clients at NY4, LD4, and CH2. Clients who access services from FCM360 in TY3 also gain access to the FCM360 Global Network that offers the fastest connections between Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore back to New York and London using the FCM360 Micro Point of Presence (POP) services designed for FX brokers and traders.

Additionally, FCM360 provides POPs, Client Onboarding Service, VPS Solutions for broker clients and MT4 Broker Hosting in NY4, LD4 and TY3.

FCM360 introduced Micro-POPs in late 2013. With Micro POPS Asian clients can access North American Forex markets without having to use standard Internet connections for pricing and liquidity that often result in poor executions. TY3 further increases the opportunities for clients in Asia to expand their trading capabilities knowing that they are actively trading with the best proximity possible to liquidity providers and market makers in the Asia-Pacific region, according to FCM360.

FCM360 established its dominant position in the market through innovation and by offering a higher level of service and reliability at a lower cost than the competition. Additionally, FCM360 has responded to the growing trend toward moving foreign exchange trading offshore, due largely to government regulations, by centralizing its Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA) activities in its London office.

In addition to providing managed services and hosting to Western and Eastern European clients, the London office also oversees FCM360 activities in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul, Cyprus, India, Poland, Turkey and Russia as well as in South Africa.

FCM360 (http://www.fcm360.com) is the financial systems infrastructure strategy & implementation company. Services include proximity hosting for high frequency trading, low-latency trading, automated trading, algorithmic trading and exchange connectivity. In addition to serving traditional FX markets in North America and Europe, FCM360 products and services provide high-speed, low-latency trading to brokerage firms and traders in Moscow, Cyprus, India, Hong Kong, Tokyo and throughout Southeast Asia and South Africa.

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SAP Takes HANA To The Cloud For Business Intelligence

SAP, which Gartner has named a market leader in BI for five years running,  today announced an analytics solutions in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

New and existing customers can deploy analytics solutions in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. It provides customers a deployment option to gain value quickly from SAP HANA by subscription or through existing licenses. SAP also offers advisory services for customers investing in cloud-based analytics.

The SAP cloud version of HANA provides the innovation and agility that businesses need to rapidly adapt their processes to capitalize on ever-changing market dynamics — all on a single, integrated platform. Analytics solutions from SAP unleash the power of collective insight by delivering an end-to-end portfolio with rich industry and process expertise, which helps customers unlock valuable data to better understand their business and drive informed decisions. Analytics solutions in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud include:
·         Enterprise BI: Connect individuals, data and processes to help drive better decisions by offering users the power to engage with their data on any device and across any platform
·         Agile visualization: Explore and visualize data to reveal new insights at-a-glance with trusted data discovery that enables real-time understanding of data both big and small
·         Advanced analytics: Anticipate what comes next to drive better business outcomes by applying predictive analytics to all information and processes
·         Enterprise performance management (EPM): Help achieve a better top and bottom line through agile financial planning and analysis and an accelerated financial close to disclose
·         Governance, risk and compliance: Help reduce cost and effort of managing risk and compliance initiatives while protecting revenue streams and optimizing performance

“The ability to understand data and to have analytical insight is paramount for businesses,” said Christian Rodatus, senior vice president and general manager, Analytics, SAP. “SAP helps connect individuals, data and processes to help drive better decisions. SAP is committed to providing our customers the greatest choice of deployment and simplicity to run our best-in-class analytics solutions without sacrificing functionality, agility or support. By announcing the availability of our analytics solutions in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, we are building on our market leadership and enabling our customers to deploy our portfolio of analytics solutions with more flexibility, choice and the control needed to drive innovation and agility into their businesses.”

In a press release, Gartner Research Director Dan Sommer said BI adoption is at an inflection point: “As the market shifts gear, we see a series of tipping points in 2014 that will accelerate (BI) adoption, but it may come from a different place. These tipping points are half of BI and analytics spend will be business driven, half of new license spend will be driven by data discovery requirements, and half of organizations will consider deploying BI in the cloud, at least tactically.”


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Tableau Tops with Gartner

 Tableau Software a global leader in  easy-to-use business analytics software, has been ranked Tableau as the fastest growing business intelligence and software vendor in Gartner’s report, “Market Share Analysis: Business Intelligence and Analytics Software, 2013.”* The report cited Tableau’s 2013 growth rate of over 80 percent and ranked the company among the top 10 business intelligence and analytics vendors in terms of worldwide software revenue and market share for the first time.

Gartner’s report ranked 10 software vendors based on total worldwide software revenue, market share and growth for 2011, 2012 and 2013. Tableau is ranked number 9 in this year’s report.

“We are thrilled that Tableau continues to be ranked among the most disruptive providers of business intelligence and data discovery software,” said Elissa Fink, chief marketing officer at Tableau Software. “We are excited by our growth in the market and the recognition that Tableau has very quickly become, in our opinion, the benchmark for data discovery software.”

Gartner reported that data discovery tools, increasingly seen as “the new normal” in the business intelligence market, saw a disproportionate amount of demand and growth in 2013. In February 2014, Gartner positioned Tableau the highest for ability to execute in the Leaders Quadrant in its Magic Quadrant Report for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms.

*Gartner “Market Share Analysis:  Business Intelligence and Analytics Software, 2013” by Dan Sommer, Bhavish Sood. April 28, 2014. The report is available on Gartner’s website at http://www.gartner.com/doc/2723017.

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Banco Volkswagen adopts SAS credit platform in Brazil

Bank Volkswagen’s Brazilian operation adopt SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager and SAS Enterprise GRC to improve its credit policy enforcement, workflow analysis and credit disbursement as the bank seeks to provide more autonomy and agility to business users. They will be able to change business parameters, test and monitor new policies and develop rules for granting credit with reduced IT development. Additionally, it is expected to reduce operational risk due to process automation by using SAS.

“Financial services in the automotive market is a commodity offered by most banks, making the competition fierce,” said Paulo Pinho, executive manager of field operations at Volkswagen Financial Services. “Customers do not choose financial services based only on the price; the quality of the service is crucial to customer loyalty. To support future growth, it is essential for Banco Volkswagen to develop technological solutions that enable us to offer the best financial products.”

The bank seeks flexibility in managing its credit policies by allowing the users to change the business rules and parameters on their own. It also aims to improve the quality and quantity of information available in the credit database.  Besides promising high scalability, the SAS software will help Banco Volkswagen to manage its teams better and reduce the number of manual processes that may cause operational risks.

“We have chosen SAS because these technologies cover such a large part of the full scope of the New Credit Architecture project, and because it ensures the flexibility expected by our users,” said Rafael Rolla, Executive Manager of Volkswagen Financial Services.

“Business analytics enables enterprises to develop more effective insights and strategies and to improve the decision-making process,” said Renato Fiorini, risk specialist at SAS Brazil. “However, implementing these strategies in daily operations is still a challenge for many companies. Banco Volkswagen in Brazil is inserting the SAS analytics platform directly into its credit decision operations. By allowing quick updates to decision-making processes, SAS will help the bank increase revenues.”


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Financial Services Caught Between Past and Future

“The good news for FSI IT executives is
that the financial services industry has
been a heavy user and early adopter of
technology for decades. The bad news
for many institutions is that most of
those deployments are still in place,
resulting in layers of diverse, complex,
and interdependent systems that are difficult to manage
and even harder to evolve.”
Ed Page
Managing Director
FSI IT Practice, Protiviti


good points

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