Archiving Some Older Material

After discontinuing blogging at I took some of my favorite material and I am not posting it here on a WordPress blog…so you may notice that some of it is — not dated — let me say is has a certain slightly historical flavour. But reading it again makes me think I should go back to some of these sources and see what they have been up to since. My most recent work is at my Forbes blog, and I continue to write for Banking Technology in London, which is online at Always happy to get feedback from readers.



About Tom Groenfeldt

I write - mostly about finance and technology, sometimes about art, occasionally about politics and the intersection of politics and economics. My work appears on and International Finance Magazine. The Financial Brand ranked me 20 on a list of the top 25 global influencers in financial services and Jay Palter included me in his list of 250 fintech influencers to follow in 2016
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