European Markets Hit New Peaks with ECB Press Confab

Exegy, Inc., the market data systems company, announced today that the website hit a new record peak of 321,000 messages per second. The Exegy Ticker Plants in the colocation facilities in Europe that drive the website hit this processing peak at 1:35 BST (British Summer Time) on Thursday, 2 August. This compares to 314,000 messages per second on 13 April when the market was reacting to worsening economic conditions in Spain.

At 1:35 BST the market reacted to the European Central Bank press conference led by ECB president, Mario Draghi. The conference which started at 1:30 UKT, was watched with anticipation as Europe waited to hear an announcement from the ECB about steps to take concrete action to save the euro and countries of the European Union. At 1:34, Draghi said that governments should prepare to activate EFSE and ESM bond buying mechanisms. Simultaneously, major European indices were rising with the anticipation of great news. This excitement resulted in a sudden spike of electronic messages flowing through each European trading venue

Of the six exchanges reported on, half of them reached record peaks. The London Stock Exchange hit 37,000 mps, BATS Europe 36,000 mps, and BATS Chi-X Europe touched 81,000 mps.

Several colocation facilities provide all the updates for, the first public website that provides a minute-by-minute account of the aggregated volume of market data messages across major European exchanges. The site is sponsored by Exegy, MarketPrizm, and the Financial Information Forum.

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