Google Steers Wallet Cardholders to Simple, Amex

When Google announced last week that it will phase out its Wallet Card, it suggested that cardholders look to Simple or American Express for a replacement.

“If you’re interested in finding a replacement for your Wallet Card, both American Express and Simple offer accounts with similar features, including a card. Plus, we’ve teamed up with them so that Wallet Card users will get an added bonus after signing up,” Google told is Wallet Cardholders.

“It’s a great vote of confidence (from one of the biggest players in tech history),” said a Simple spokesperson. “We’re pretty stoked.”



Krista Berlincourt, spokesperson for Simple

The Google message to cardholders passed along Simple’s description of its service: “Simple is fee-free online banking with budgeting and saving tools built right into your account. You can set Goals for big and small purchases, and save automatically, every day. Goals also work as digital envelopes to store money for all your budget categories. Simple accounts come with a Simple Visa Card and access to thousands of free ATMs.”

Google is discontinuing support for the Wallet Card on June 30 and users won’t be able to add money to the card after May 1. Wallet balances will remain intact, the company said in its announcement.

While Google is discontinuing its card, it will expand the new Google Wallet app which it introduced last fall.

“You can use Google Wallet with your Android or iOS device to send money to anyone in the US with an email address, even if they are not a Wallet user,” Google announced in September.  “And now, when you receive money through Google Wallet, you can quickly cash out to a debit card or linked bank account.”

Last week the company said that it is hard at work on new features for the Wallet.

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