ING Launches Finance Aggregation App

ING, the Dutch bank that had to withdraw from retail banking in several foreign markets during the financial crisis, is re-entering the UK retail market with an app called Yolt which lets users  manage their finances with different banks for different financial services in one place.

The app integrates the users’ bank accounts (including savings and credit card accounts) in one mobile dashboard. It also lets them know how many days are left until pay day, predicts their bank balance based on their direct debits and points out any significant changes in their spending patterns. The functionality is similar to what Simple and Moven offer, although they provide the service for a single bank account.

The app was developed in-house by ING’s Innovation Office in Amsterdam.

“We built the aggregator in the way that people think about money; how long is it before their pay date; how much are they spending and what is the risk of their going overdrawn,” said Ignacio Vilar, ING’s chief innovation officer.

Since January, the team has tested, designed and validated the proposition with UK consumers and a large group of wholesale banking colleagues. The official launch is expected next year under a separate brand ‘Yolt’, endorsed by ING. It will become available on iOS and Android in the coming months.

“We believe we have to reinvent the way we are providing customer service; this is where becoming a platform and the place to go is core to our strategy,” said Vilar.

In last week’s strategy update to analysts and investors, CEO Ralph Hamers stressed the Banks’ ambition to continue to be a leader in digital banking, offering a better customer experience by moving to open platforms and new ecosystems.

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