Fiserv CEO Ranks Among 9 Worst

8. Jeffrey Yabuki
Company: Fiserv
CEO rating: 39%
Company rating: 2.5
Years as CEO: 9
Number of employees: 21,000
from Huffpost
Employees of Fiserv Inc. (NASDAQ: FISV), which sells information technology and e-commerce products, were resentful of layoffs due to frequent M&A activity. The company has acquired more than 140 acquisitions since it was founded in 1984, with the most recent being the 2013 acquisition of Open Solutions. The biggest criticism of the company under Yabuki’s direction is how frugal it is with compensation, according to comments on Glassdoor. Employees also felt that the company’s upper management does not listen to employees’ ideas on how to improve the company. Some former employees who commented on Glassdoor said that Yabuki is disrespectful to the company’s workers, claiming he once said, “If you don’t like the way we do business, there’s the door.”

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