NCR Made 9 worst CEO list too

7. Bill Nuti
Company: NCR
CEO rating: 39%
Company rating: 2.5
Years as CEO: 9
Number of employees: 29,300

NCR Corp. (NYSE: NCR), based in Duluth, Ga., produces ATM machine technology, bar code scanners and other devices used in the sales process. While the company’s revenues grew to $6.2 billion in 2013 from $6.0 billion in 2012, employees showed a strong dislike of their CEO, Bill Nuti (pictured right). One of the most common complaints among current and former employees on Glassdoor is that under Nuti, people can be called to work on a moment’s notice at any time during the week. They also criticized upper management for maintaining a structure in which decisions are based on cronyism, rather than what’s good for the company. One current employee, while commenting on Glassdoor, wrote to upper management, “We carry your water every day, and you disrespect us every day, we’re just your minions. You put out surveys, obviously you pay no attention to them or things would begin changing.”

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