Celent Seeks Nominations For Model Bank Awards

Dan Latimore, Celent SVP, said that after attending multiple conferences, including Sibos and Money2020 back to back, not to mention Finovate earlier in the autumn conference season, the Celent team remained coherent and was able to define some conclusions.


Now Celent is looking for nominations.

“I’m excited about the initial response to our Model Bank Awards (see below for details on how to submit). Last year we had over 150 submissions, half again as many as 2016, which was itself a record year. Our hypothesis: banks, who’ve historically been very shy about trumpeting their technology successes in any detail, now see that they need to demonstrate to their stakeholders – investors, management, and employees – that they’re being innovative. Winning a Celent Model Bank Award is a great way to do that.

“For 2018, we are again accepting nominations in five categories: Customer Experience, Products, Operations and Risk, Legacy Transformation, and Emerging Innovation , although if you’re not sure where your initiative fits, just take your best guess – we’ll be happy to slot it in appropriately as we assess the nominations.”

Send nominations to Dan through the Celent contact form or Twitter…

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